Side Effects
of Remembering
the Little Things

by Bella

Bella's first full length book of poetry Side Effects of Remembering the Little Things explores what it means to experience toxic love. She walks the reader through her relationship taking the reader into the cracks of the eventual breaking point. Bella's book will make you cry, and feel a little less alone. You can order the book at

lick the psychic

by Morgan Paige

Morgan Paige’s first chapbook, Lick the Psychic, is a poetic traversal that explores femininity, self transformation and the life/death/life cycle. Through a psychedelic lens, Paige offers a unique perspective into the ebb and flow of one’s growth, moving from psychological and spiritual reflection to the questioning of social and cultural morality to finding solace and beauty in the changing seasons and the cyclical nature of all things. Including seven poems and original artwork by Paige, this colorful pocket sized collection packs an energetic punch. You can pre-order a copy of this chapbook at

Letters In My Nightstand

by Nikki Burian

Letters In My Nightstand is Nikki Burian’s first book of entirely uplifting poems, focusing on their personal strategies for loving themselves, suggestions on how others can do the same, and hopes for how everyone can feel better together. You can pre-order Letters In My Nightstand at

Stouthearted Bitch

by Julia Gaskill

Stouthearted Bitch, a debut spoken word album by Julia Gaskill, examines the tightrope we all must walk between feeling our voices censored and being unabashedly ourselves. Her poems touch on everyday misogyny, parental loss, praise of femininity, mental unrest, and found healing. Julia’s poetry examines the role of Female in this day-and-age, all while cracking a grin and holding your hand. You can purchase a copy of the album at



by Ken Yoshikawa

Quiver is the first album of spoken word poetry by Ken Yoshikawa. It deals with the subject matters of racism, abuse, fear, toxic masculinity, and finally self-love as the means of survival. It is an album of coming to terms with fragility, becoming vulnerable despite all queues to be otherwise. They were written between the years 2014 and 2019. The album is now available for streaming and purchase on bandcamp at


Homesick Season

by Kate Leddy

Kate Leddy’s first poetry chapbook, Homesick Season, explores nostalgia for people, places, and states of mind. Her work captures the emotional experience of moving across the country and unraveling her own identity out of a relationship. Kate’s chapbook will invite you to pour yourself a cup of coffee and find warmth throughout the cold months.
It is available for purchase through


Seaglass Strange

by Red O’Hare

Red O'Hare's debut spoken word poetry album Seaglass Strange explores the aftermath of domestic violence, tragedy, and generational trauma. Gritty and personal, her writing is built on the idea that we are vehicles for our stories, good or bad. This album is for anyone who has loved the wrong person at the right time. Seaglass Strange is available now on Bandcamp. Download your copy at


good days & bad days

by Igor Brezhnev

In December of 2018, Igor Brezhnev has recorded his first poetry album Good Days & Bad Days. This album contains 27 poems, some giving voice to work from Igor’s last book america is a dry cookie and other love stories and some of his upcoming collection of poetry after|words. Igor’s work explores themes of immigration, home and belonging. You can listen to and purchase the entire album or individual tracks at

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