Ken Yoshikawa

Ken Yoshikawa is a shin-issei/first generation half-Japanese American poet-actor from Portland, Oregon. In his theater career Ken has appeared in multiple plays. He has been active in the Portland Poetry Slam community since 2014. He has released his first spoken word album Quiver (Lightship Press, 2019) and an autobiographical poetic solo play called The Art of Fly Swatting in June of 2019. Currently he is working on a full length book of poetry. He loves blue chicken taco trees and resents punctuation and grammar at his convenience. You can find more about Ken at


Kate Leddy

Kate Leddy is a writer and mental health activist from Portland, Oregon. She grew up in Westchester County, New York and still has strong opinions about bagels. Kate represented Portland at the 2018 National Poetry Slam as well as the 2018 Individual World Poetry Slam. She is a current member of the 2019 Portland Poetry Slam Team. Kate first chapbook, Homesick Season (Lightship Press, 2019), explores nostalgia for people, places, and states of mind. Kate and Bri Gowdy are touring right now. You can learn more about Kate and find tour schedule at


Red O’Hare

Red O'Hare is a Ashkenazi Jewish American poet from Oakland, California where she featured twice with Bay Area Generations. A product of Presbyterian missionaries from the Belgian Congo and Eastern European carny folk, Red has been performing poetry for 20 years with varying rates of success. She has recently released a poetry album Seaglass Strange (Lightship Press, 2019) and is currently working on a chapbook of poetry. Red works in a bakery and is compiling a list of people who want her dead. You can find more information about Red at


Igor Brezhnev

Igor Brezhnev is a poet and a book designer among his other sins. He has first-hand experience of confronting depression, homelessness, poverty, and xenophobia, as well as more common ailments like heartbreak and spilled coffee. Naturally, he writes poems about that. Igor has two full length books out dearest void (Liquid Gravity Publishing, 2016) and america is a dry cookie and other love stories (Liquid Gravity Publishing, 2018) He released a poetry album Good Days & Bad Days (Lightship Press, 2018) in December. You can follow his journey at

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